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Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2000-2008

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In January 2011, Global Financial Integrity updated its groundbreaking report, which estimated the volume and pattern of illicit financial flows—money that is illegally earned, transferred, or utilized—from all developing countries. This study, titled Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2000 - 2009, is based on a critical review of competing economic models and utilizes widely accepted data from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Through a process of testing various combinations of these models and employment of a two-stage filter to eliminate "spurious data", this study presents a range of estimates of illicit financial flows.


This website presents a low and high estimate of illicit financial flows for each developing country in the GFI report. These estimates are presented using the terms normalized and non-normalized. Non-normalized is the upper estimate of IFFs while normalized is the conservative estimate of IFFs. More details about the methodology behind these estimates can also be found in the full report which can be found here.


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Source: Staff estimates, Global Financial Integrity, based on official balance of payments and trade data reported to the IMF by member countries and external debt data reported to the World Bank by those countries.
ODA data from the OECD database.

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